Environmental Effects of Deforestation

This is the topic you will need to complete the questions:

What are the environmental effects of deforestation? What should be done to solve the problem of deforestation. Start your research by reading this article from National Geographic: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/deforestation/.

1.Thesis Statement for APA Argument Essay on an Environmental Issue:
Submit the thesis statement that you are planning to use in your argument paper.
.Explain your thesis and approach to the topic and ask any questions you might have about the clarity and/or effectiveness of your thesis. What feedback would help you refine your thesis? Your post should be at least 150 words, including the thesis and your questions/comments about it.

2. Addressing counter arguments
Think about a reason given by those who disagree with your position for the topic you have chosen in this module: Focus on one reason, not all the possible arguments that they might make. Now, summarize that point as accurately as you can (about 50-75 words). Then, write a refutation or rebuttal to their point (about 100 words).

3.Integrating sources in APA
Write a few sentences (about 100 words) integrating a quote from any of the articles that you will be using in your paper. Be sure to connect your quote to the rest of your sentences. You can do this via signal phrases (“Smith argues” OR “According to Smith,” etc) or by integrating your quote as it grammatically fits into your sentence. Document your quote by using the APA in-text citation guidelines you have studied in this lesson.

Those are the other links you can use to integrate quotes and develop the third question. Please when you have doesn’t me now what was the link you decide it to use.