Hi there,
So there are a few files attached that serve to explain the details in what is left to do, as well as a couple of examples by past students. The main document format as shown in my draft displays information on how to write each section and can be deleted. Anything else that is in black should stay and/or is already written by me.

I know that it seems like a lot of pages, but the document is actually very spaced out and the only big spaces of typing are the methodology(4pg), results/analysis(2pg), recommendation(1pg) and analysis(0.5-1pg), which together should be around 8-9 pages.

I’ve already included a few sources at the end of the document but if there are others that you find that help more suit the purpose Preferably they would need to be from credible sources like architectural journals or technical periodicals, etc.

As far as the illustrations and stuff go, I’m not too sure if you cover that but If not then I will make do, but the idea I originally had was to use drawings from both companies product manuals and installation instructions

For the building code analysis, I was going to be using information from the Ontario Building Code, but if that is beyond your capabilities I understand if it should be removed and that would be fine, as there are already 4 other points in the methodology.